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The Engen Learning Team is a group of highly motivated students worldwide committed to spreading our knowledge and passion for learning.


Chitsein Htun

Dhruv Kulkarni

Moses Hong

Board of Directors

Marvin Zhang - Executive Director

Rohan Sontakke - Director of Operations

Mabel Neyyan - Director of Marketing

Boheng Cao - Director of Technology

Yudhith Anil - Director of Legal Affairs

AI Research Division Heads

Yuliang Guo

Dr. Zhan Zhou

Romir Hiremath


Pranav Kulkarni

Hey, I'm Pranav Kulkarni, and I'm a junior in high school. I’ve always had a interest in finance, specifically in decentralized finance and blockchain. I previously worked at a DeFi company where I conducted corporate research in blockchain, specifically in transactional system applications and proof algorithms. I'm also a published researcher with 2 publications, one of which is in the relevant space of blockchain and distributed network systems. I have worked with several tier 1 research universities as a researcher in the domain of finance, computer science, blockchain, decentralization, and more. I am currently a software engineer/researcher at a large technology company working on time-series optimization in forecasting models. I look forward to introducing you all to the fundamentals of blockchain!

Yudhith Anil

Hi! I’m Yudhith Anil, a current junior at Dublin High School. From a very young age, I’ve had a deeply rooted passion for the English language as well as public speaking, 2 interests that came together to culminate as an interest in law as time progressed. Since discovering this infatuation with the law, I have taken courses from the University of Pennsylvania on Tort and Contract Law, as well as competed in Public Forum Debate. I have also assisted organizations in applying for grants and have participated in several leadership and public speaking events. Equipped with this experience and these tools, I hope to share my knowledge in the field of law with other like-minded individuals through the Introduction to Law class, which I will be teaching. Outside of my academics, I spend my free time playing competitive tennis, playing the alto saxophone, reading books, and running a club for my middle school. I look forward to meeting you all!

Mabel Neyyan

Hi! My name is Mabel, a senior at North Hollywood High School and I’ll be co-teaching Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Not only is coding a fun hobby, it is also becoming an increasingly desirable skill for employers as companies become more reliant on technology. I’ve been learning computer science for about five years, and can code with Python, Javascript, and am versed in C++. I also love creating web pages using HTML and CSS. About a year ago I began to learn how to train AI models using Python, and can’t wait to help others learn as well as further my experience during this course. I look forward to seeing you in class!

Rohan Sontakke

Hello! My name is Rohan Sontakke, and I'm a junior at Dublin High School. I joined the Engen Learning AI/ML course last year and discovered the potential artificial intelligence has to change our society. Since then, I've taken classes at UC Berkeley and Brigham Young University to deepen my knowledge of the field. I've worked with Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, Python, and Keras. I've also joined as a software engineering for my school's robotics team. Now, I'm passionate about spreading this knowledge with the world. Other than my programming background, I swim competitively, and sing for a traveling choir. I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas with you!

Varun Venkatesh

Hi! My name is Varun, a junior at Dublin High School, and I’ll be teaching the Hackathon class. From a young age, coding has been one of my favorite hobbies and it is also highly sought after in today's industry. I've been learning various languages such as Python, Java, and JavaScript. Over quarantine, I acquired many different skills by participating in and winning hackathons. Being very involved with hackathons made me realize there is a whole new world of software and languages to explore and it really piqued my interest. Since then, I have taken various community college and AP classes to expand my knowledge. Furthermore, I have worked on many different projects in the field of computational linguistics. If you have any questions about my interests/projects, feel free to ask me more in class. Can't wait to start teaching!


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