Engen Humanities

Engen Humanities

Our Humanities Programs, taught by published authors, Debate and Model United Nations leaders, Linguistics Olympiad qualifiers, and passionate writers, delve deeply into everything from the Fundamentals of Language to Literature Analysis to Philosophy to the Arts.

Broaden your learning to real-world financial knowledge with this course! Together we'll cover foundational skills in banking, taxes, investing, and more to give you a headstart. Over eight weeks, this course will arm you with the practical knowledge needed to maintain financial stability and independence. Click to find out more!

Everything, from daily life to corporate interaction, involves law in some sort. It's one of the most applicable and practically impactful topics to gain knowledge of. From petty theft to company conflict, this course will help you learn all about the basics of law! Over a course of 8 weeks, this class will help you build a sense of familiarity with the U.S. legislation, with topics such as private vs public law, common legislative jargon, and even the history of law. Click to find out more!

Introduction to Public Speaking

In this hands-on learning experience, high school-level students will learn the basics of public speaking. These basics include planning/strategizing speeches, learning effective ways to research, and analyzing debate topics as well as other speeches. Whether it is for a speech and debate team or a casual event, this class equips one with the essentials of becoming a powerful speaker. Click here to find out more!