Engen STEM

Engen STEM

Our STEM Programs, taught by Software Developers from Silicon Valley startups, American Invitational Math Exam qualifiers, and FIRST Robotics winners, explore Computer Science, Mathematics, the Sciences, and Engineering Design.

Interested in learning about AI and Machine Learning and its implementation? Join us in this class to learn more about the concepts behind AI and Machine Learning and how we can use Python and Google Colab Notebooks to build and run our very own AI programs! We'll tackle topics from the basics of Python to complicated generative algorithms, covering both fundamentals and implementations. Click to find out more!

Ever sat in a math class eager to tackle more challenging problems, yearning for problems that require real mathematical thinking beyond just memorizing formulas? In this class, taught by AIME-qualified math enthusiasts, students will be introduced to the excitement of Competition Math, explore basic topics of Competition Math and teach how to excel at a variety of math competitions, with a focus on the AMC 10. Click to find out more!

This is an introductory course in Quantum computing. It will go over many concepts behind quantum computers and allow students to start coding themselves using IBM's Quantum computing langue, Qiskit. This course is designed to help the student gain an understanding and intuition of quantum computing that they can use in future quantum computing efforts. Click to find out more!

Interested in learning about blockchain, cryptography, and how the decentralized world works? Join us in this class to learn about the fundamentals of blockchain, how it's being used, and all about the specifics behind how it works. We will also learn how to code using Solidity, create hypothetical consensus models, and develop our own contracts with implementable systems and frameworks. Click to find out more!

A Beginner's Guide to Hackathons

Regardless if you're a complete beginner to Hackathons or an experienced veteran, those who wish to win should join this class. Among many other topics, we will learn the basics of Python, HTML, CSS, and how to implement AI into web apps. Aside from the concepts needed to solve problems, we will also learn how to win these events, such as the most efficient way of solving a problem or what judges look for. Click here to find out more!