Thanksgiving News!

Our admistration team and faculty would like to wish everyone an amazing holiday season! At Engen Learning we have been working on many projects, and are so excited to share them with you soon! Our team has been dedicated and hard at work bringing unique opportunities such as our Arlite Research partnership, which could bring a great pipeline of interns from either our AI/ML class or AI research initiative! Through the last few months, Engen Learning has also partnered with Codeify, a team of UC Berkeley students who will help bring Engen to another level! Some students may be able to gain contacts with these students to potentially work on projects! We are also excited to announce our partnership with HSInsider. HSInsider is another nonprofit that offers resources for people looking into private high schools and colleges. Priority access will be given to Engen students in private high school and college application processes, which can be extremely beneficial for those who need it.

In sum, Engen is beginning to bring real world experience opportunities to our students. Thank you so much for all of your continued support and patience as we work to make Engen Learning the platform we want it to be!


Engen Learning Has Some Big News!

In addition to Engen Learning’s upcoming 2023 semester, we are excited to announce a merger with AI Research Initiative. Months of work and dedication from both teams have accumulated into an opportunity for students to develop research with guidance from Professor Zhan Zhou from Zhejiang University. Students interested in taking their academic work to the next level can pursue research in a variety of topics from AI/ML, Bioinformatics, and even Neuroinformatics! The class will not only teach students the research topics themselves, but they will also teach students how to research academically. This includes paper format, how to find a topic, how to submit to journals, etc. In later weeks, Dr. Zhan Zhou will meet with students individually to review their research papers, prepping them for publication!

While students at Engen Learning have always been able to pursue new passions and interests, Engen Learning is now offering the opportunity to create actionable pieces to impact the research community. The Engen Learning team, alongside the AIRI team, is excited to see what our students can do!

Anyone who is interested in registering for the AI Research Initiative's classes can contact our team at!