Partners and Sponsers

Inquarium Incubator offers students the opportunity to participate in a project of their design, funded by their private donor. They seek to empower students by promoting entrereneurship. Our students will have top priority in joining a current project, which roles range from designer to engineer, or pursue their own project!

Arlite offers elite technology development services, specialized in AI and management consulting, to help grow businesses. Our top students in any AI Research program or in our AI/ML class will have the opportunity to interview for an internship with the company. This internship will provide engineering experience. While we provide the interview, it is up to the student to showcase their talents to land the internship.

Stem4Free is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to food rescue and food waste awareness. Every enrollment at Engen Learning will be matched by 10 donated meals.

High School Insider is a 501(c)(3) student-founded nonprofit dedicated to helping ambitious middle school students interested in attending top US high schools. Our students will have priority access to interview ivy league admits for help in their college application processes as well as middle school application processes. Students can reach out to their teachers in classes to ask about those opportunities.

UC Berkeley Codify

Codify is a UC Berkeley student organization that works to create meaningful solutions through software. Our students will have the opportunity to converse with Berkeley students and professors with a pursuing projects with them as well.

Adagrio is a 501(c)(3) student-founded nonprofit that teaches beginner musicians fundamental skills for their passions. Our students have access to music libraries and qualified teachers in several instruments including piano, violin, and guitar. Students can reach out to their teachers in classes to ask about those opportunities.

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